web development done for you.

You're done restricting your brilliant design ideas to the confines of a template. You're over the late nights of googling CSS. 

How many client projects have you struggled through (or passed on!) because their website needed custom development? But just the idea of learning WordPress give you a headache. Save the time and skip the stress by outsourcing web development.

how does this sound?

  • You're reaching new clients by offering more complex web solutions.
  • You can design without wondering if you'll actually be able to make it work.
  • Client launches are stress-free because someone else is on stand-by.

what we can acheive:

Custom development means the opportunities are endless.

Some things can't be dragged and dropped. WordPress websites are prefect for:
custom animations
There's no question WordPress is the best platform for professional blogs. With custom post types and fields, content can be organized and displayed based on any conditions. You can offer advanced search and filter options for an improved user experience. Your site will be totally optimized for SEO and primed for ad partnerships. 
Sell digital or physical products without redirecting users to a third party site. Customize product pages and the checkout process for a smooth, seamless, on-brand experience.
Create a subscription model service and collect automatic, renewing payments.
Create a membership and allow access to exclusive content and/or downloads.
Add interactive elements and fancy animations for a more custom user experience.

the process

01. Discovery Call
Book a Discovery Call where we'll chat through your project. After the call you'll receive a proposal detailing the scope of work, timeline and project cost.
  • Consultation
  • Proposal
02. Design Review
Before you get final design approval from your client, we'll do a design review. This is to clarify any animations and special features, make sure everything matches the project scope and allow me to put an implementation plan together.  
  • Clarify animations and features
  • Confrim project scope
  • Review via Zoom or Loom
03. Development
I'll build your design as a custom WordPress theme. You'll receive a demo link to review the site and I'll make any needed revisions before you send to your client for approval. There will be one more round of revisions for any tweaks your client requests.
  • CRM, newsletter and scheduling integration
  • Demo link for review
  • 2 rounds of revisions
04. Launch
We’ll optimize the site for SEO, connect domain and hosting and launch your client's site on our determined launch date. Your client will get 2 weeks of free technical support and website training videos so they know how to make changes and updates.
  • SEO meta titles and descriptions
  • Google analytics setup
  • Domain and hosting setup
  • Technical support
  • Website training videos

The Investmennt

Custom proposals are sent for each project detailing scope of work, timeline and cost.

The cost of WordPress development starts at  $3,000. The timeline is typically between 4-6 weeks. 
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Frequently asked questions

Do you communicate with my client?

Contracts and invoices will be between you and I directly.

I’m happy to join your project management system and any email threads, Google docs, etc with your client for clear communication and feedback requests.

What about SEO?

Basic SEO is included on all Scout sites. This means your site will be built with SEO best practices in mind and I will consult with you on how to implement keywords throughout your site. I will also install a wonderful SEO plugin and show you how to use it.

If you’re looking for more in-depth SEO services, please let me know during our Discovery Call and we can discuss adding this service to your project.

Will my client need a WordPress host?

Yes! Self-hosted WordPress requires that you rent the space in which your website will live (host) and give it a unique address (domain).

I recommend Namecheap to purchase a domain. Generally, the cost is around $12/year.

I recommend using WP Engine for hosting. The starter plan (probably all they’ll need) is $20/month and you can receive 20% off your first year by using my affiliate link.

What kind of support is included?

Support is included at no additional cost for 2 weeks following your site’s launch. Afterward, support requests can be scheduled and billed at the current hourly rate.

You’ll also have the option of joining our Monthly Maintenance Plan to keep your site updated, backed up and secure.

What file types should I send?

I can work with Illustrator (.ai), XD (.xd) or Figma (.fig) files. I ask that your design mockups are detailed and organized so I’m able to understand the functionality of the site. I also recommend you send separate mockups for mobile versions (tablet and smartphone). If separate mockups are not included I will develop the mobile version as I see fit.

Outsource development and get back to your zone of genius.

Book a free discovery call to discuss your project details and see if we’re a good fit.
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